September library donations have begun!


This month we’re donating 49 school libraries; providing the materials necessary to increase literacy for over 10,000 children.  This is what a school library looks like on the way to a rural primary school.  Books, tables, chairs, shelving, globes and teacher training materials; all boxed up.  Next week we’ll share what the library looked like in the school!

TLP is a Friend of Northern Ireland

We would like to extend a huge TLP “thank you” to everyone who attended the Friends of Northern Ireland in China’s Annual Christmas Dinner in support of The Library Project.  Their donation will go directly toward a Reading Room for the Ying Chang Manchu County Elementary School located in rural Liaoning Province.  306 students will be impacted because of this library donation.

They chose to support the Liaoning Province because Northern Ireland has a long history of working with the Liaoning Province.  Members of the Friends of Northern Ireland in China will lend a hand with the installation of the school’s new library during the Spring Semester.

The library donation will also received a Teacher Training component. TLP’s Teacher Training Course is a comprehensive multiple year training program supporting teachers and administrators on how to manage and utilize their new library. This course covers how to properly loan books to students, how to use the children’s books in a classroom setting, and how to get the students involved in the maintenance of their library. Coupled with the Teacher Training Course, TLP will conduct three years of Monitoring & Evaluation.  When a school is in need of support, it will receive additional training for teachers.

Huge thank you to everyone at the Friends of Northern Ireland for their support of rural literacy.

How to make a dream come true?

For the past five years, The Library Project and Brady China, have partnered to improve children’s literacy. Our first library donation together was in April 2010. Since then, we have donated 109 rural primary school libraries located in Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Hebei, Fujian, Ningxia and Henan, impacting over 28,200 students and teachers.

At one of our recent library donation trips, Brady Volunteers brought their “Dream Project” to the students. This classroom program encourages children to speak out their dreams. They then work together on how to realize their dreams. Brady Volunteers introduce their new school library as a resource to help attain their dreams.

The Library Project and Brady China have been working together to provide students a window to the outside world and a starting point to realizing what their dreams are in life.

Libraries Students Books
2010 1 180 500
2011 26 3,540 12,400
2012 28 10,325 15,500
2013 29 9,603 15,700
2015 25 4,554 20,750
TOTAL 109 28,202 64,850


Thank you, UnderArmour, for today’s library!

A huge “thank you” goes out to everyone at UnderArmour for their support of rural literacy. Today, five employee volunteers joined The Library Project team in the donation of a local language library to a very special primary school in Guangxi, China. This library donation was made possible because of a generous donation from UnderArmour.

Lots of smiling faces, happy kids and books being read below. Enjoy!

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